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Proverbs--A Father's Instruction

Today in our journey along Route 66 we are visiting the book of Proverbs... Author   The book of  Proverbs  is one of three biblical books ascribed to Solomon. According to the Talmud, Solomon wrote  The Song of Songs , when he was young, the wisdom of  Proverbs  in midlife, and  Ecclesiastes  in old age. Some sections of  Proverbs  are ascribed to other authors: Agur son of Jakeh, and King Lemuel. Modern scholars doubt whether Solomon wrote any part of  Proverbs.  Neither the language nor the content fits the time of Solomon.    Scholars today view  Proverbs  as a collective work, containing the wisdom of mostly anonymous wise men and women from many walks of life and different periods of time. Some scholars think the authors of  Proverbs  were the sages who served as counselors, bureaucrats, and teachers during the Divided Kingdom. Perhaps, all three wisdom books of the Old Testament ( Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastes ) reflect the worldview of the intellectual elite.   Date   Proverb
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Today on our journey along Route 66 we are visiting the book of Psalms... Author   The book of Psalms is a collection of Israelite poetic prayers written by numerous authors, brought together in a process that spanned centuries. An ancient and pervasive tradition, going back to the Bible itself, attributes the authorship of Psalms to David. Many of the psalms contain the superscription “a psalm of David”. Other superscriptions link various psalms with specific events from David’s life. (See Psalms 3, 18, 34, 51, and 56.) However, these superscriptions are not original to the psalms. Linguistic and contextual evidence has led many modern scholars to reject the idea of Davidic authorship of the psalms. Of course, not all the psalms are attributed to David. Some are attributed to the sons of Korah (Psalm 42), to Asaph (Psalm 50), to Ethan the Ezrahite (Psalm 89), to Heman the Ezrahite (Psalm 88), to Solomon (Psalm 72) and to Moses (Psalm 90). Other psalms bear no superscriptions at all.