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Chatting about Jack in Chattanooga

It was a lot of fun speaking to the Chattanooga C. S. Lewis Society last night. Thanks to all the good people who were in attendance for making it such a good night and special thanks to my gracious hosts, David and Sheila Beckmann. To learn more about the group click here: The topic last night was my book, Mere Theology , which the group has been discussing for the past three or four months. Great questions were put forward by many in the group, including this one: "What would C. S. Lewis say to Harold Camping?" Afterwards, I signed copies of my new book, Speaking of Jack: A C. S. Lewis Discussion Guide . I was delighted to connect with a number of friends at the meeting. Sadly I didn't get photos with all of them. One surprise was having Bill and Sarah DeWaters there. They are friends from a church I served in Pennsylvania years ago. Also, Debbie Higgins, resident director at The Kilns, C. S. Lewis' former home in Oxfor

Tales of Rathscar

Over the past couple of weeks I have been reading to my son Joshua's class a story I have written entitled-- Tales of Rathscar: The Tunnel Under Scarborough House . So far the reactions from Josh's fellow students have been very positive to this middle-grade fantasy novel, written in the spirit of C. S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia. One ten-year-old boy told me today, "It's the best story I've ever heard!" So what's it about? The James Family (Ian, Deirdre and their four children--Tim, Liam, Ryan and Pip), move from America to a 12-bedroom Irish country manor, Scarborough House. 13-year-old Liam, who narrates this story, is the first to discover there are many unusual things about the house where they are living. Not only is it the site of an ancient battle, it is also built atop a faerie mound and has a tunnel running underneath it. Life only becomes weirder and more dangerous for Liam when he meets Tom the Leprechaun who lives, secretly, on the gr