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Planet Narnia

For many readers of C. S. Lewis this blog will be old news. Furthermore, this is a blog I never before planned to write. That is not because I lack an opinion about the book pictured above, Planet Narnia, but simply because I saw no point in adding my voice to the many others in the world who have already commented far more intelligently than I could about this book. So why am I writing this blog? First of all, as I travel around and speak about Lewis and his work in various places around the United States I have started to have people ask me my opinion about Planet Narnia. Secondly, I read a blog about Planet Narnia today, written by C. S. Lewis scholar Dr. Devin Brown, that got me thinking about writing my own blog. (You can read that other blog here: .) At first I was just going to comment about Dr. Brown's blog post, but then I realized my comments were too long to be contained in a blog comment.

100 Huntley Street

I will be a guest on 100 Huntley Street, Canada's longest running daily TV talk show, on Thursday morning, May 21. Hopefully all of you, my readers in Canada, and those who receive 100 Huntley via satellite TV in the USA, will tune in to watch the interview. For more information click here:

The Perelandra Colloquium

June 26-27 I will be in Oxford, England for the second premiere of "Perelandra the Opera" based upon the C. S. Lewis book by the same name. I will be presenting a paper at the Perelandra Colloquium in connection with the new premiere of the opera. My paper will be about the dedicatees of Lewis's original book, namely "Some Ladies at Wantage". For more information about Perelandra the Opera and the two day international colloquium click here: .

Mere Theology in Korea

Mere Theology: A Guide to the Thought of C. S. Lewis has now been published in Korean by Knowledge and Love Press, an imprint of Revival and Reformation Press. Strange it is to look at the cover of a book I know I wrote and not even be able to discern my own name in print!

The Second Coming of A. N. Wilson

In case you missed the news: A. N. Wilson has come back to faith in the risen Lord Jesus Christ. That's right. The same A. N. Wilson who wrote a biography of C. S. Lewis (much deplored for its factual errors and Freudian twist on Lewis's life) is now a Christian, for the second time. You can read the full story, in his own words, here: or here . I think Wilson's articles show that no one is beyond the grace of God, the God who has revealed himself in Jesus Christ, the God who never stops reaching out, in love, in order to bring us back to himself.