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The Good Works of Narnia

The Narnia books continue to have a positive effect for good fifty years after they were penned by C. S. Lewis. Two items in the news have recently made this point. The first item regards the C. S. Lewis and Narnia murals in Northern Ireland. The one pictured above has existed for some time. An article yesterday in the Irish Times noted, "The new housing developments off the Newtownards Road are named after the author C. S. Lewis, who grew up in the area. Many of the murals now depict scenes from his Narnia books instead of paramilitary folklore." Lewis despised the sectarian hatred and warfare in his homeland. How pleased he would be to know that his fairy tales have become symbols of peace in a land once torn apart by religious strife. (You may read the whole story here: .) A second story in the news concerns the sale of some first editions of Lewis's books. Lewis first editions, especial

Joy Wins Out

Could it be that C. S. Lewis and the Bible trump Orwell and Huxley as literary guides? Click on the link to view a must-read tribute to Tony Snow by William Kristol.