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C. S. Lewis Goes to Heaven

I am often asked what my favorite C. S. Lewis book is. It is such a difficult question to answer. Therefore, I often say, “Whatever C. S. Lewis book I happen to be reading at the time.” However, The Great Divorce has to be in my top five favorite Lewis books. I enjoy the story for Lewis’ picture of heaven, for the vignettes that reveal so much about our choices in this life, and for what Lewis teaches through this tale about Christ’s descent into hell. Because Lewis is such a favorite author of mine, Lewis illustrations naturally find their way into my sermons, perhaps too often for the taste of some in various congregations I have served. However, for others, these little tit-bits from Lewis have encouraged them to read Lewis for the first time. I remember one parishioner who started reading The Great Divorce because of my frequent references to Lewis. However, I think she gave up part way through her reading because she was put off by certain phrases and references she cou

"As One Devil to Another"

When The Screwtape Letters first began appearing in The Guardian , a now-defunct Anglican newspaper, C. S. Lewis was approached by an Oxford undergraduate who asked: “How many letters are there to be in the end?” Lewis’ response was quick and to the point: “Thirty-one. Something diabolical for each day of the month.” Now, on the seventieth anniversary of the publication of The Screwtape Letters in book form, thirty-one additional, diabolical letters are about to appear. Sadly, these are not lost letters from Screwtape to Wormwood, penned by C. S. Lewis. However, they are, perhaps, the next best. Walter Hooper, Lewis’ secretary for a brief period in 1963, says of the book, As One Devil to Another , “It reads as if C. S. Lewis himself had written it.” As much as I admire and trust Walter Hooper, I could hardly believe such praise until I read this collection of letters from Slashreap to Scardagger for myself. This is indeed a collection of letters, not emails. One might

The Lion Awakes

N T Wright on Lent

Listen to an encouraging word, appropriate for the season, from a wonderful New Testament scholar and theologian by clicking here.... N. T. Wright on Lent