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There was a nice little squib about Yours Truly on the Billy Graham Center Archives web site so I thought I would post the link here: . After clicking on the link be sure to scroll down until you see my photo.

New York C. S. Lewis Society

My connection with the New York C. S. Lewis Society goes back to 1996. At that time I was living in South Carolina and I was interested in starting my own C. S. Lewis Society. I wrote to Clara Sarrocco, Secretary of the New York Society, seeking information about their meetings--how they were structured, where they met, etc. Clara was very helpful and sent me a huge packet of information which helped immensely in starting my own group in Columbia, South Carolina. So far as I know, the Columbia C. S. Lewis Society is still going strong. In 1997 I was invited by the Anglican Society of South Carolina to present a Lenten lecture on C. S. Lewis. I chose as my topic: God's Sovereignty and Human Free Will in the Thought of C. S. Lewis. Subsequently I submitted that paper to the Bulletin of the New York C. S. Lewis Society for publication and then editor, James Como, very graciously accepted it. That same year I moved from Columbia, South Carolina to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania w

Coast to Coast AM

On Saturday, December 27 at 1 am EST I was interviewed on Coast to Coast AM about my new book The Professor of Narnia: The C. S. Lewis Story . Someone posted the interview on You Tube. Here is the first part . . .