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C. S. Lewis & Homosexuality Revisited

In seven years of blogging, my most popular post has been  C. S. Lewis on Homosexuality . It has had approximately 4000 readers to date. Since this topic has garnered a great deal of attention in the blogosphere recently (for example see:  The National Catholic Register ), I thought I would revisit the subject. What many people writing on the topic of "C. S. Lewis and Homosexuality" fail to point out is that Lewis' lifelong friend, Arthur Greeves (pictured above) was a homosexual. In fact, when Greeves "came out" to Lewis in May 1918, Lewis wrote back saying: Congratulations old man, I am delighted that you have had the moral courage to form your own opinions independently, in defiance of the old taboos. I am not sure that I agree with you: but, as you hint in your letter, this penchant is a sort of mystery only to be fully understood by those who are made that way—and my views on it can be at best but emotion. [1] At the time that