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A neat little discovery was made during my recent visit to the Ed Brown Collection at Taylor University. While looking at a British first edition of C. S. Lewis' epic poem  Dymer , I found an envelope inside the front cover. When Professor David Neuhouser of Taylor opened the envelope, we found inside a proof of the design for the spine of this book. Most likely this proof dates back to the time of publication, 1926, and was perhaps, sent to C. S. Lewis for his approval. Images Copyright Lancia E. Smith 2012. Click here to view her web site:  Lancia Smith

C. S. Lewis & Friends Colloquium

My friend Lancia Smith took some beautiful photographs at the recent C. S. Lewis & Friends Colloquium at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana. You can see all of her photos here:  Lancia Smith Photography Here are some of Lancia's photos in which yours truly figured prominently.... Standing outside the Ed Brown Collection at Taylor Reading the opening lines from the British first edition of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Holding a copy of Wilfrid Cumbermede  by George MacDonald. This copy belonged to C. S. Lewis' friend, Arthur Greeves. It was read by Lewis while sitting naked under a willow tree near Parson's Pleasure, a men only "swimming hole" along the Cherwell River in Oxford. Discussing with David Neuhouser and Devin Brown whether the book got wet while Lewis was reading at Parson's Pleasure Closeup of Wilfrid Cumbermede Arthur Greeves signature inside With Charlie Starr, author