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C. S. Lewis Talk

My talk on C. S. Lewis: The Professor of Narnia, from my visit to Christ Church at Grove Farm, has now been uploaded and posted on my web site. You can listen to it here: .

Christ Church at Grove Farm

Last night I spoke at Christ Church at Grove Farm outside of Pittsburgh, PA. What a delightful group of people! I have known the pastor of CCGF, John Guest, for twenty years. It hardly seems possible. But in all that time this was my first visit to the church. For anyone reading this blog who does not know him, John is a brilliant evangelist, pastor and great all-around speaker who grew up in my favorite place--Oxford, England--and came to faith in Christ through the ministry of Billy Graham, just like my father. Only John Guest was not involved in organized crime before his conversion--let's make that clear! John graciously wrote a glowing endorsement of my book, My Father Was a Gangster . My presentation last night was on--what else?--C. S. Lewis: The Professor of Narnia. There was a good crowd present. They asked a host of excellent questions and I sold lots of books! Thanks to all the warm and welcoming staff and friendly people of CCGF who made my visit to Pittsburgh a m

Redeemer Classical School

Yesterday I had the truly wonderful blessing of visiting Redeemer Classical School in Harrisonburg, Virginia. I was invited by Jeremiah Forshey to speak to his 8th grade literature class about C. S. Lewis's novel, Till We Have Faces, which his class just finished reading. Mind you, I went to this speaking engagement wondering what 8th graders could possibly get out of reading a book I read for the first time in college and didn't even understand then. I was delightedly astonished at the intelligent and engaging conversation I had with these middle school students about C. S. Lewis, mythology, TWHF and The Four Loves: storge, philia, eros and agape. I left that encounter having received far more than what I was able to give. Wow! Three cheers for classical Christian education!!! Then yesterday evening I gave a presentation on Lewis's life and works to some of the parents, faculty and board members of Redeemer Classical School. We too had a very enjoyable conversati

Easter Weekend Interview

You can listen to an Easter Weekend Interview I did for radio station KTLO by clicking here: and then clicking on Friday. Or listen on my web site here: . Enjoy!