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"Jack" by George Sayer

Last night our C. S. Lewis Society in Harrisonburg, Virginia, was discussing "Jack: A Life of C. S. Lewis" by George Sayer. However, we were only able to discuss about half of Jack's life in an hour and a half! Here are the rest of the discussion questions for anyone from the group, or anyone else for that matter, who would like to comment: How do you think Lewis's life as a fellow and a tutor shaped his life and writing? How did Lewis's re-conversion to Christianity influence his outlook on his job? What people, events and discoveries were influential in Lewis's return to Christian faith? How do you see Lewis's love of nature and walking coming out in his books? Why do you think Lewis wrote his cosmic trilogy? Do you think he succeeded in accomplishing what he set out to do? What impact do you think WWII had on the writing and success of C. S. Lewis as a popular author? How do you think Lewis's BBC talks and his lectures to the RAF influenced

Politics, the White Witch & Tumnus

Now I know where the comparison of Hillary Clinton to the White Witch originated. It apparently began with a piece written by John Kass for the Chicago Tribune. Today in the Tribune online Kass wrote: "Last Sunday, I dipped my fingertips into fairyland analogies, into C. S. Lewis' land of Narnia, describing Obama as a gentle forest faun, the Mr. Tumnus of the Democratic primaries, the one national political character who gets media hugs from almost everybody. I like Obama, but I won't apologize for comparing him to a kind and beloved faun. He is indeed the Mr. Tumnus of American politics, gently offering free tea and cakes to all Americans, all the free stuff that won't cost us anything (unless you're a taxpayer). He doesn't play a flute, but he sure makes great speeches, and you can see that infectious, charismatic Tumnusotude on TV. But, blinded by Obama, I foolishly used the 'white witch' analogy for Sen. Clinton. So I apologize to her, and not

Lewis on the Campaign Trail Again

The name of C. S. Lewis keeps popping up in the United States presidential election. This was the opening paragraph in an article in the Times online today. . . . "As she watches her support melt away, the horror on the face of Hillary Clinton sometimes resembles that of C.S. Lewis’s Snow Queen on seeing the return of summer to Narnia." The question is, if Hillary resembles the White Witch, who resembles Aslan?

The Person & Work of Christ

A new year is upon us, and life has finally settled down long enough, after the holidays, for me to post something on this blog. Some who read this blog may have forgotten that we have a discussion ongoing about my book Mere Theology! We left off, some time ago, with some questions posed on the chapter about the Fall, to which there were no comments. This implies one of three things: (1) Perhaps no one out there in the blogosphere is interested in discussing Mere Theology any more. (I won't be terribly hurt if that is the case.) Or perhaps (2) no one is interested in discussing the Fall. (While I understand it is not the most pleasant topic, avoiding discussion of the Fall and Sin seems to be a modern disease which may have roots in the reality of the Fall itself!) Or (3) maybe no one responded to my blog about the Fall because everyone else, like me, fell into a seemingly endless line of parties, shopping, school concerts and more for the past month! Whatever the reason