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St. Stephen's House

It is Friday morning at St. Stephen's House, Oxford, in between the summer apologetics conference and the beginning of the Perelandra Colloquium. I thought I might take this opportunity to comment on the setting for these two events. St. Stephen's House was formerly the mission house for the Society of St. John the Evangelist (SSJE). This Anglican order is also known as the Cowley Fathers due to the location of the original mission house in Cowley, a suburb of Oxford. The photo above is of the cloister with the Church of St. John the Evangelist beyond. Below is a photo of the mission house itself. It was to this location that C. S. Lewis came to make confession to Father Walter Adams, one of the Cowley Fathers. Lewis began the practice of confession to a priest during the first week of November 1940, as noted in his letters to Sister Ruth Penelope Lawson. Lewis continued on with Father Adams until Adams' death in 1952. After Adams' death Lewis continued the p


Today is my third day in Oxford. Alas, I haven't posted anything about this visit yet on this blog because I have been too busy. But here we go. . . . I have come to Oxford in order to attend two events: The Summer Apologetics Course at St. Stephen's House and The Perelandra Colloquium. But of course my real reason for coming to Oxford is just because I love the place. My first day here was spent walking about a good bit taking lots of photos. Even though I have been to Oxford several times before, the beauty of the architecture and setting has simply overwhelmed me once again. Though I have taken many photos of Oxford in the past, this opportunity has been unique for now I have a digital camera. Yea! Last night, as the sun was just setting around 9 pm, was the best photo op yet. I hope you will agree. . . . Magdalen College Tower The spire of the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin The Radcliffe Camera The Sheldonian Theatr

Professor of Narnia Visits Highland Elementary

Today I visited my youngest son's school, Highland Elementary in Monterey, Virginia. I spoke to grades three through five about "My Journey with C. S. Lewis" and signed copies of my book "The Professor of Narnia". With K-2 I read from the Narnia pop-up and picture books. There was much enthusiasm expressed for Narnia and many intelligent questions asked by the students about C. S. Lewis, Narnia and the writing process. If you would like "The Professor of Narnia" to visit your school in the coming year e-mail me today at .