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How to Avoid God

"If God--such a God as any adult religion believes in--exists, mere movement in space will never bring you any nearer to Him or farther from Him than you are at this very moment. You can neither reach Him nor avoid Him by traveling to Alpha Centauri or even to other galaxies. A fish is no more, and no less, in the sea after it has swum a thousand miles than it was when it first set out. "How, then, it may be asked, can we either reach or avoid Him? "The avoiding, in many times and places, has proved so difficult that a very large part of the human race failed to achieve it. But in our own time and place it is extremely easy. Avoid silence, avoid solitude, avoid any train of thought that leads off the beaten track. Concentrate on money, sex, status, health and (above all) on your own grievances. Keep the radio on. Live in the crowd. Use plenty of sedation. If you must read books, select them very carefully. But you'd be safer to stick to the papers. Yo

The Dragon Forest

One of the joys of traveling to different places around the world and lecturing about C. S. Lewis and his work is the opportunity to meet other talented lovers of Lewis' books. One of those I met recently was R. A. Douthitt, who was inspired by reading Lewis and Tolkien to write The Dragon Forest . Having made my own attempt to write a fairy tale (as yet unpublished) I appreciate the efforts of anyone seeking to write in the spirit of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings . The Dragon Forest may be purchased from Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions: For a full review of the book visit here: R. A. Douthitt is also an accomplished artist. You may view Douthitt's work here: