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C. S. Lewis on the Campaign Trail

This report appeared at the end of an article in The New York Times online today: “Who is your favorite author?” Aleya Deatsch, 7, of West Des Moines asked Mr. Huckabee in one of those posing-like-a-shopping-mall-Santa moments. Mr. Huckabee paused, then said his favorite author was Dr. Seuss. In an interview afterward with the news media, Aleya said she was somewhat surprised. She thought the candidate would be reading at a higher level. “My favorite author is C. S. Lewis,” she said. Perhaps Aleya should be running for president.

Prince Caspian Trailer

The Prince Caspian Trailer is now available to view online. Click here: . To read about some atheists who were outraged by this trailer appearing before a showing of The Golden Compass, click here: . With all the hullabaloo about Philip Pullman's Golden Compass , Christians practically boycotting the film, and now atheists complaining about the Narnia trailer showing prior to the film, it makes me wonder why more parents don't show the same sense displayed by C. S. Lewis's parents. Albert and Flora Lewis had many books in their home and their sons were allowed to read anything they wanted. In the case of those two boys, such freedom to read and be exposed to different ideas doesn't seem to have harmed them.