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C. S. Lewis & A Sense of Place

I have a new blog posted on HarperCollins' web site. Check it out here: .

Enchanting Children

Every parent should read this article by David Mills about the importance of reading good stories to our children. Read it now and follow David's lead:

C. S. Lewis Tour

You are invited to join us as we go Beyond the Wardrobe into the world of C. S. Lewis on a tour of Ireland & England, June 26-July 6, 2009. For more information click here: . Please let me know of your interest and/or questions by e-mail: . I will be posting photos here soon of some of the places we will be visiting. So stay tuned . . .

A Lion in Liverpool Cathedral

Can you believe it? Aslan has made his way into the church. To read more about it click here:

C. S. Lewis & Sarah Palin

What do C. S. Lewis and Sarah Palin have in common? Click here to find out:

Professor of Narnia Flash

There is a cool flash animation advertising my new book at . Check it out!